SmArtGallery, the next generation canvas

The SmArtGallery is the seamless way to exhibit fine art and enjoy a large diversity of ever-changing artworks.

Offer a responsive selection of locally made artwork from a portfolio tailored for your needs.

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Our team of curators tailors the best artwork for your business.

Keep your decor fresh with the right art at the right moment - adapt your collection to fit events, seasons, holidays and more.

Get unlimited access to our portfolio and change your collections as often as you like.

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We like to keep it local

Show your city as seen through the eyes of local artists.

Open the window to your unique culture, no matter where you are.

Directly support local artists and artisans.

Art becomes a live experience

The SmArtGallery helps your guests discover artists, learn the story behind the artwork, and have a unique, connected experience.

Guests can purchase the art they love - with a commission for you on every sale.

A design crafted for you

Every SmArtGallery is custom made:

  • Your choice of frame styles and materials
  • Size between 32" and 75"
  • Format can be horizontal, vertical or even square

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« The nice thing about the SmArtGallery is that every time a guest comes, whether it’s several times a month or several times a year, they will experience something different. »

General Manager, Joie de Vivre Waterfront Hotel in Jack London Square Oakland, CA

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