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When "Standardization" becomes a bad word

Long gone are the days when travelers would head to a hotel and steal away with the coveted souvenir towel monogrammed with the hotel's moniker. Today's travelers seek sumptuousness in their stay while experiencing the local vibe of the surrounding area.
Factor in the connected age of high technology and mobile devices, there's a new need for customization in the hotel industry. That's come after standardization developed a bad connotation among the hotel industry and guests, especially for the new generation of travelers who value a unique travel experience.

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SF Camerawork partners with Daylighted to expand access to its Fine Print program of Bay Area photography

San Francisco Camerawork and Daylighted are very pleased to announce a new partnership that will help bring SF Camerawork’s formidable collection of Bay Area photography to a wider audience. Using Daylighted’s innovative, interactive exhibitions technology, our partnership will enable SF Camerawork to engage in experimental models for broadened access to contemporary art. This is a new kind of cross-sector collaboration for both local non-profit arts organizations and small business.

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