Tell me about the business
Daylighted was started by people who care about artists and who want to bring greater convenience and new life to the business model for selling fine art. We have developed an evocative high-resolution digital canvas installation, suitable for gallery-quality exhibition. We already have an elite client base of luxury hotels in San Francisco and are expanding to other hubs for those who love fine art. We are providing the artists in our library a unique way to reach a new audience and a large untapped market without the burden of advertising and putting on their own show. We give hotels the ability to display customizable exhibitions of fabulous art and artists the chance to show and sell their work free of overhead.

It’s a great idea, what do I get out of it as an artist?
The services are free for artists. You get up to 100% commission when you sell pieces, but you also get exposure and free marketing. You get to exhibit and display your work in front of a large and elite audience. You get access to our market research on optimum selling practices. You get exposure to all our venues and access to our social media campaign.

What kind of high resolution digital displays are being used?
We use professional high-definition monitors that we color calibrate to guarantee a stunning image quality. The screen size goes from 32" to 55".

How do you encourage the public to buy the art?
Next to the SmArtGallery, we place a label with directions to our online art gallery. When the hotel's customers fall in love with a piece of art, they can go on the website via their phone and explore the current collections. They can browse through the photos, learn about the artists and read the story behind the art.
We also partner with hotels to organize pop-up gallery shows through our screen.

Who makes the collection?
Through their interface, hotels have access to the whole portfolio and can select a predefined collection made by our team of curators and curate their own exhibitions.

Create an account
How do I register?
Our team of curators are selecting artists one by one. If you are selected, they will send you an email with the registration link.
When you click the link, you'll be able to enter a username and password. Note that the Username can not have spaces. You’ll be able to read the terms and conditions. You will put your email address in, indicate that you accept the terms, and you’ll receive a confirmation email to validate your email address. You’ll then be able to login with your new account and make a profile.

How do I login?
To login to your profile, go to www.daylighted.com/accounts/login/

What are the requirements for the upload?
Once you are logged in, you are able to create albums and upload photos.

You have to choose a fulfillment method (wait, what are the options for fulfillment?) and define your prices.

Here are our requirements for uploading your photos:
- Files should be jpeg or png.
- File size should be below 25MB.The ideal resolution is 3840x2160 px. But overall file size is more important than pixel dimensions.
- We display the photos on 16:9 vertical and horizontal screens or square screens, so your pictures will look best with this aspect ratio. Otherwise, our algorithm will crop and resize automatically so it is displayed advantageously. Although the photos looks better on the screen with this aspect ratio, the images are printed and displayed on the website with their original aspect ratio.
- Vertical images will be only displayed on vertical screens and horizontal images will only be displayed on horizontal screens. We also have square screens for square images but we install less of them.
- When you name the files on our platform that name is visible when they're displayed. We would like to request that you make sure the name does not have a .jpg at the end. For example 'beautiful sunset' is a great name. 'beautifulsunset.jpg' is less wonderful and img_1234.jpg is not attractive at all.
- You have to enter the different prices format one by one, which includes price, material, and size.
- You can enter prices for originals and prints of your artwork.

What about exclusivity?
When you agree on the terms and conditions, you agree on a non-exclusive license with Daylighted. Check out our terms for more information.

What kind of work should I upload?
At this point in the process you will have talked to the art curation team. We will have specifically requested some of your work. You are able to upload any selection of work you choose, including the work we select. Most of our artists show between 15 and 50 pieces with Daylighted.

Can I opt out at any time?
Yes, you can delete photos at any time. We request that you allow us 30 days to cycle the art out of the collections. We can delete your account at your request.

Who picks prices?
We have two order fulfillment structures. You can choose to do your own order fulfillment or have Daylighted print and ship for you.

For Artist fulfilled orders: artists get to set whatever prices they want (but how should I price my work?)

For Daylighted fulfilled orders: Daylighted has standard prices that apply automatically if this option is chosen.

How should I price my work?

For Artist fulfilled orders
- Artists get to set whatever price they want
- Artists cover printing and handling fees
- Artists get (almost) 100% of the price they set - minus the transaction costs.
- Shipping and tax is charged separately from this price

We have a wide range of print prices being offered on Daylighted. There are artists offering small size prints for around $50 and artists offering large scale specialized prints for $9000. We recommend that you start by offering (for example) a 8x12 print on high-quality giclee paper or fiber print for somewhere between USD 150-200.

For Daylighted fulfilled orders, we set standard prices:
- 199$ for 16x20 Fine Art Giclee print
- 299$ for 24x30 Fine Art Giclee print
- 449$ for 30x40 Fine Art Giclee print

Can I create limited editions?
Yes, you can specify the number of limited editions when uploaded. A certificate may be requested by the customer.

Who pays for shipping?
Shipping cost is charged separately on top of the set price.

Who pays for US sales taxes?
We charge the buyers US sales taxes, separately on top of the set price.

Selling and printing
What is the selling process?
When a buyer walks past the installation and falls in love with the art they are prompted to go to our digital platform (daylighted.com) and look at the collection there. They can find and buy the piece there. We process the transaction.

If the artist has chosen to fulfill their own orders, we forward the order specifications and the pre-paid shipping label to them. We request that they fulfill and ship the order within 30 days.

If the artist has chosen to have Daylighted fulfill the order, we will send them an email telling them they have made a sale and requesting the full resolution file.

What if I don’t want to print?
Daylighted offers a printing service for artists who don’t want to print. This option can be selected during the photos upload. Standard prices will then apply. For prints sold with this option, we don't take any commission on the sales price - except for the transaction cost.

What materials does Daylighted use for prints?
We print through one of the best printers in San Francisco, Dickerman Prints, that will take great care of your images.
We offer a variety of options for paper:
- Epson Hot Press Bright or Moab Entrada Rag Bright: smooth paper recommended for photos, with white borders
- Epson Hot Press Natural or Moab Entrada Rag Natural: smooth paper with natural beige color, recommended for photos with smoother colors, less saturated
- Epson Cold Press: paper with textures, recommended for paintings
- Espson Exhibition Fiber: Luxury glossy photography paper

Upon sale of a piece of their work, artists will precise the paper they want us to use for printing.

What sizes and materials should we use for prints?
If you choose to do your own print fulfillment, we encourage you to use whatever process and printer you are most comfortable and happy with. For ease of shipping and standard procedure we work best with paper or canvas. Our standard sizes range from 8x12 to 30x40. If you have larger format art and non-standard shipping process, please let us know in advance.

Who is shipping the pieces?
If the artist has chosen to fulfill their own orders they - or their shipper - are responsible for printing, handling, packing and shipping.

If the artist has chosen to have Daylighted fulfill the order, we will take care of the whole process, including shipping.

What about international shipping?
We are set up to accommodate paper or rollable canvas international. When artists process their own orders, they have to make sure they can ship international.

Duties fees will be paid by the customer.

Royalty fees
What do I get?
For each sale of an Artwork, Daylighted will pay you a royalty payment calculated as a percentage of the Net Revenues.

The relevant Royalty will be specified at or before the time when the sale of your Artwork commences. Currently, the Royalties payable are as follows:
  • For Orders other than Daylighted FulFilled Orders, for sales of printed editions of the Artwork, 100% of Net Revenues
  • For all Daylighted FulFilled Orders, for sales of printed editions of the Artwork, 30% of Retail Price
Note that we may change the Royalty that applies to the various types of sales from time to time. However, any such change will not affect the Royalty you earn on sale which has already occurred, or to the sales of any edition which is already on sale at the time when the change is made: to avoid doubt, the changed Royalty will apply only to the Edition of the next Artwork to go on sale, not to the edition currently on sale at the time when we notify you of the changed sale Royalty rate.

For the purposes of calculating the Royalty, "Net Revenues" are amounts actually received by Daylighted for sums paid to us for sale of the Artwork, net of all relevant deductions including (without limitation):
  • Any and all tax, tariffs, and fees (including any VAT taxes);
  • transaction costs;
  • chargebacks and returns;
  • any sums paid or repaid to Users in connection with the relevant sale,
  • any revenue share or commission paid or payable to distributors, licensees or others involved in the sale of an Artwork, and
  • any sums paid, payable, deductible or creditable to third parties in connection with the relevant sale of an Artwork.

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